Some common terms used when working with the Brandwatch API.

The following are terms that are commonly used by Brandwatch and its users to describe core operations of the Brandwatch Consumer Research platform.

  • Project ​- A silo within a Brandwatch user’s account to contain all their searches, settings and configurations. Settings and configurations can often be shared across and applied to searches within the same Project.

  • Query ​- A keyword-based search utilizing Boolean operators to scan for matching results across select social networks and publicly accessible open websites.
    For more information on Queries, click here.

  • Channel ​- A search for all results associated with a specific Twitter handle, Facebook or Instagram page.
    For more information on Channels, click here.

  • Group ​- A user-defined collection of Queries and Channels for the purpose of analyzing the aggregation of all the results returned by that set.

  • Mention ​- A single article of content with a message by an author with corresponding metadata returned as a result to a Query or Channel search, such as a Tweet, Comment, Blog Post, Forum Message, News Article, Image or Video. The message of text within a Mention is the source that will be analyzed by the system. Referred to by other vendors as a "verbatim" or "document".

  • Tag ​- A simple user-defined label that can be applied as metadata to a Mention.
    For more information on Tags and how to use them, click here.

  • Category ​- A user-defined label that has one level of hierarchy associated with it, which can be applied as metadata to a Mention. A single Category will be comprised of one or multiple Subcategories. A Category must have at least one Subcategory.
    For more information on Categories and how to use them, click here.

  • Rule ​- These allow you to automatically perform actions on mentions, both in the future and historically, based on searches and filters that you define. For example, you may set up a rule that automatically applies a tag with the name "Purchase" when the text of the Mention contains the phrase "I just bought".
    For more information on Rules, click here.