Retrieving the current Client

Displaying information about your Client.

Your Brandwatch User will be contained within a Client, which is the entity that is billed. For example, if you work for ACME Robotics, your client will probably be called ACME Robotics, with your Users all as part of that Client.

You can request information about your current Client as follows:

curl -X GET

The response will look like the following:

    "id": 343832672,
    "name": "ACME Robotics",
    "parentId": -1,
    "startDate": "0024-07-30T00:00:00.000+0000",
    "expiryDate": null,
    "website": "",
    "address1": "1 Robotics Road",
    "address2": "Robotics Park",
    "address3": "",
    "country": "USA",
    "postcode": "92328",
    "contactName": "No User",
    "contactEmail": "[email protected]",
    "contactTitle": "Wile E. Coyote",
    "contactTelephone": "0800-999-999-999",
    "contactMobile": "0800-991-991-991",
    "mentionArchiveSize": 12,
    "tags": {
        "ratelimit.limit": "600",
        "ratelimit.period": "10",
        "rules_only": "true",
        "shardName": "4"
    "maximumSubscribedBrands": 20000,
    "pricingModel": "QB",
    "priceStructureId": -1,
    "priceStructureLineId": -1,
    "maxUsers": 2147483647,
    "theme": "brandwatch",
    "owner": "[email protected]",
    "isLegacy": true,
    "mentionBasedPricingMatrixLevel": -1,
    "userInactivityTimeoutMinutes": 1440,
    "pitchClient": false,
    "shardName": "4"