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Data Restrictions


Data restrictions

Particular Data Packs that you have added to your account may have restrictions on the Mention data that you can retrieve through the Consumer Research API. This can cause discrepancies between the data seen in the UI of the Consumer Research application and the data retrieved via the API. For specific information on the data packs that you have, please contact your account manager. The following sources are affected:


We are unable to provide the full metadata of Mentions from Twitter. Any Mention that is a Tweet will have the full text and some other metadata stripped out. If you wish to include the full metadata in your own application, then we recommend registering your application with Twitter, parsing the Twitter ID from the url field, and then using the Twitter API to retrieve it.

The metadata that will be missing are as follows:

  • author
  • avatarUrl
  • date
  • displayUrls
  • expandedUrls
  • fullText
  • influence
  • insightsHashtag
  • outreach
  • reach
  • replyTo
  • retweetsOf
  • shortUrls
  • snippet
  • threadAuthor
  • threadEntryType
  • twitterAuthorId
  • twitterFollowers
  • twitterFollowing
  • twitterPostCount
  • twitterReplyCount
  • twitterRetweets
  • twitterRole
  • twitterVerified


Due to data compliance, only a snippet of 350 characters of the full Mention is available.

Lexis Nexis

Due to licensing restrictions, there will be no Mention text available when downloading Lexis Nexis data via the API.


Your use case must be approved by Mumsnet in order to access the full text Mention via the API. Please contact your CSM for more information.

Sina Weibo

Due to licensing restrictions, there will be no title, snippet or full text data available when downloading Sina Weibo data via the API.

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Data Restrictions

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